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Elder Ballard: Gays Have a Place in the Lord’s Church

Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to BYU students at a campus devotional on November 14, 2017, and answered questions that covered a variety of topics. The following are some of his comments answering the question of what message he had for the LGBT young single adults....

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New Videos Added to LDS Suicide Prevention Site

In an ongoing effort to help prevent suicide, the LDS Church has released a series of hopeful videos — several of which come from Elder Dale G. Renlund — that encourage Latter-day Saints to listen to and love those considering suicide. Elder Renlund encourages...

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Ministering Principles in LDS Ensign, Liahona Magazines

Beginning in June, the Ensign and Liahona began publishing a ministering principle each month to strengthen women, men, young women, and young men in their ministering efforts. The June issue, for example, teaches “Five Things Good Listeners Do,” and the July issue...

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LDS Charities 2017 Annual Report: 2,500 Projects Completed

In 2017, the LDS Church worked with more than 1,800 partners on over 2,500 projects to help people in need. LDS Charities has published its 2017 annual report that describes what member donations have accomplished around the world. The following are some of the...

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LDS Upgraded

The Church's distribution center site ( just got a facelift that simplifies ordering Church products. The new site is also mobile friendly so you can use it on your phone or tablet. An improved search function and product filters make it easier to find...

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2018 Schedule for LDS Church Pageants

The 2018 schedule of Church-sponsored pageants has been posted at Below is a list of the more popular pageants. For more details and maps, click the headings below: Mesa Easter Pageant March 21-23, March 27-31 in English March 24 in Spanish...

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