Resources in Overcoming Pornography

Some of the resources listed below can help individuals overcome a problem with pornography. Others are organizations who help in the fight against the continuing expansion of the availability of pornography. I have also created a handout I use in counseling adults and youth.

Addiction Recovery Program ( is a program to help people overcome addictions with pornography, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, inappropriate sexual behavior, gambling, codependency, and eating disorders. It is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Learn more about the Addiction Recovery Program.

Addressing Pornography ( provides resources for individuals, spouses, parents, youth, and leaders on how to avoid pornography or overcome the effects of its use.

Candeo ( is a confidential, online program to help individuals overcome pornography addictions, using sound approaches to learning and behavior modification. Their Web-based education and support program provides a highly-successful recovery model developed and used by clinical therapists for more than a decade. They offer a free mini-course that explains some of the core principles taught in the Candeo program, including some of the training segments from the program.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints publishes the pamphlet Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts as online text, PDF, and a printed pamphlet in dozens of languages. The website Addressing Pornography provides resources for individuals, spouses, parents, youth, and leaders on how to avoid pornography or overcome the effects of its use. Also see the entry “Pornography” in the Gospel Topics section of the Church website. Learn more about the Addressing Pornography website and other articles and videos.

Covenant Eyes ( is a Christian-based program to help your family stay clear of pornography. The strength of the program is that it combines filtering with a system of accountability. This program helps families escape the temptation by removing the secrecy of the Internet. Accountability software monitors and reports all web activity to an Accountability Partner of your choice. The reports score websites to easily identify mature web addresses, searches, and links. The full-featured filter may be used with the accountability service or by itself. You can choose which services are used by each person in your family: accountability, filtering, or both. They also offer Internet Accountability for the iPhone, iPod touch®, and iPad® and are developing applications for other mobile devices. For about ten dollars a month, I think this is one of the strongest programs of its kind. I believe in their system so much that I’ve set up an affiliate relationship with them to help spread the word. Read my review of the program.

Fight the New Drug ( is a grassroots, youth-oriented, non-religious, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful effects of pornography. This youth-led movement focuses on the science and the demonstrable effects of pornography on the brain, relationships, and society. They offer a free program for youth struggling with pornography. Their global viral campaign attempts to build an army of young adults who will unite to decrease the demand for pornography. They invite you to help them spread the word to those around you. Sign up on their website to get involved, get educated, become a Fighter, and unite with others in the fight against pornography.

Internet Filtering and Accountability Programs. See Internet Filter and Parental Control Software Reviews (free), (free and paid versions), OpenDNS (free and paid versions), and Content Watch.

LDS Addiction Recovery Program ( for alcohol, drugs, tobacco, coffee, tea, pornography, inappropriate sexual behavior, gambling, codependency, and eating disorders. The program is a Latter-day Saint adaptation of traditional 12-step programs that have been used successfully for years. Family Services runs these groups to assist individuals who desire freedom from addiction and a better life through gospel fellowship.

LDS365 ( search for the word “pornography” to find various helpful articles.

National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families ( is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending biblical truth about sexuality. Their website has information about avoiding pornography and protecting children from it, as well as links to other organizations.

OvercomingPornography see “Addressing Pornography” above.

Porn Proof Kids: Tips & Tools to Protect Young Minds ( provides tools, information and encouragement to porn-proof your children. Empowered, porn-proofed kids know how the brain responds to pornography and understand how to stay in control. This blog is a companion to the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids.

Strengthen the Family ( is a non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen families and protect communities by helping them establish child-appropriate public display standards. The website has articles on the dangers of pornography and Internet safety (including practical advice for parents) and articles on sexual addiction. Listen to a talk given at BYU education week in 2001 (see and search for speaker “JoAnn Hamilton”).

Truple ( app is accountability software to protect your family from pornography or other undesirable online content. It randomly captures screenshots and shares them with your family, spouse, or another accountability partner. Learn more about Truple.

Utah Coalition Against Pornography ( is a multi-faith community effort. Their website has information about education, statistics, and links to helpful sites. They also provide conferences and helpful materials.

Women for Decency ( is a grass-roots statewide women’s organization. Their website contains online articles and references to other resources. They also engage in political action.

Other Resources

Read other articles about pornography on LDS365.


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