Best LDS Resources to Help with Depression

Our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships can be severely affected by mental health challenges or mental illness. The following is a curated list of the very best LDS resources that may help you learn about depression and find practical help. If you find other resources you think we should list here, please post a comment below.


Pages on about Depression

Learn about Church teachings and find practical help in a gospel context.

LDS Videos about Depression

Watch videos from the Church’s Gospel Media library about depression.

Counseling Resources for LDS Leaders

Counseling and ministering helps for LDS leaders and ward council members at

LDS Magazine Articles about Depression

Articles from the Ensign, Liahona, New Era, and Friend magazines.

Articles on about Depression

How to Recognize and Cope with Debilitating Anxiety

If you know someone with anxiety and think they blow it out of proportion, try hyperventilating. Stand in front of a clock and breath in and out, as hard and as quick as you can, for one minute. Your throat will go dry, you’ll feel ready to pass out, and you might...

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Reaching Out to the One—Elder Ronald A. Rasband

In this video "Reaching Out to the One," Elder Ronald A. Rasband explains how he is constantly looking for anyone who is depressed, or lonely, or downtrodden. He tries to deliver messages that will touch at least one soul. Learn more: LDS Resources to Help with...

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LDS Missionaries, Depression, and Anxiety: Finding Answers

The following is excerpted from Mormon Life Hacker. Read the full article here. Missionaries go to the MTC to learn their language, learn the gospel, and then teach the gospel so as to bring people unto Christ. That’s understandable because that is the focus of their...

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LDS Video: Facing Postpartum Anxiety and OCD

“Facing Postpartum Anxiety and OCD” is the latest video in the His Grace series on the Mormon Channel. The video explains that Lindsay was excited to be a new mom, but her feelings of joy and love were instantly overshadowed by postpartum anxiety and obsessive...

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Video: Living with Depression

The Church video "Living with Depression" addresses trying to live a faithful life while suffering from depression. When Heather first recognized the symptoms of her depression, she felt ashamed. She also felt sure that with faith, prayer, and help from Jesus Christ,...

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LDS Church Publishes Suicide Prevention Website

To coincide with the National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September and the World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, the LDS Church has published a Preventing Suicide web page. provides essential information for those who are...

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LDS Magazine Articles About Suicide Prevention

The LDS Church has published the following age-appropriate articles about suicide in the September issues of the Church magazines: September Ensign & Liahona: “Choosing to Live” and “How to Create a Suicide-Prevention Safety Plan.” The article is written for adults...

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Healing from Depression Through Jesus Christ

This is an informative video about depression. The video is based on a 55-minute talk by Carrie Wrigley from the 2005 BYU Education Week. We encourage you to view it, rate it, and share it with your friends and family. The popularity and success of this video may...

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