Facing Postpartum Anxiety and OCDFacing Postpartum Anxiety and OCD” is the latest video in the His Grace series on the Mormon Channel.

The video explains that Lindsay was excited to be a new mom, but her feelings of joy and love were instantly overshadowed by postpartum anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Having built a career in radio, Lindsay was a confident, professional problem solver. She quickly realized, though, that the crippling stream of worries going through her mind was something she couldn’t fight on her own.

“I would just try to suppress the thoughts… but I knew I needed professional help. I didn’t know what was happening to me,” she says.

Lindsay finally felt relief when she received prescribed medication and professional therapy. It took time for her to understand that she could receive healing from Jesus Christ, too, even though she believed her health issues were bigger than His love and sacrifice.

“I know now that there’s no problem too big or too small that the Savior can’t fix,” she says.

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