Church LDS Websites Short Vanity URLs

vanity-urlsBelow is a list of short URLs that are quick web addresses you can type to reach many of the sections of Church websites.

Also see a list of all the major websites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.





Type this… To reach this… Aaronic Priesthood (
Adoption Counseling ( Gospel Topics ( American Sign Language ( Audio Downloads ( Auditing for Stake Auditors ( The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos ( Book of Mormon topic ( Web-Braille Content ( Broadcast Archives ( Broadcast Schedules ( Calendar for your ward or stake ( Seminaries & Institutes for Teachers and Leaders ( CES Devotionals ( Christmas page on ( Church History site (
Church History Library site ( Leader and Clerk Resources ( Record-Keeping and Technology Support ( General Conference ( General Conference section in Spanish (
conferê General Conference section in Portuguese (
General Conference Activities for Children ( LDS Family Services ( Guidelines and helps for ward and stake council members Country and Area Communication Pages ( Create and Share Your Media Talents ( DAISY Files for LDS Content (
Daughters in My Kingdom book ( Deseret Industries ( Online Donations ( Education ( LDS Employment Resource Services ( Ensign magazine ( Worldwide Church events ( Home & Family (
The Family: A Proclamation to the World ( Family Services ( Feedback for ( Family Home Evening ( Friend magazine ( General Conference ( Geneal Conference music ( Image Library ( Gospel Topics ( General Handbook ( Humanitarian Service ( Humanitarian Services – Training and Information Resources ( Music ( Image Library ( Institute ( Use of Online Resources in Church Callings ( iTunes Mormon Channel Store ( ) Jesus Christ website ( Joseph Smith website ( Languages on (
Latter-day Saints Channel See Leader and Clerk Resources (
Leadership Training Library (
Leadership & Teaching ( Resources for Teaching Children ( Official Communication Library of letters and notices for leaders ( Liahona magazine ( Life Help for Life’s Challenges ( The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles Magazines ( Maps: Meetinghouse Locator ( Newsroom for News Media, Opinion Leaders, and the Public ( Gospel Media Library ( Meetinghouse Technology ( Information about ministering, formerly known as home teaching and visiting teaching (
Ministering Resources See Counseling Resources
Missionary Dress & Grooming Guidelines ( Mobile apps (
Mormon Channel  See Latter-day Saints Channel Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel ( Music ( Nauvoo Temple ( New Era magazine ( Church News ( Notes ( Pageants ( Materials available in PDF format ( Perpetual Education Fund has now been changed to Self-Reliance Services ( Locations & Schedules ( Audio Downloads ( Preach My Gospel manual (
Pregnancy Counseling ( Prophets and Apostles ( Mormon Channel (
Addiction Recovery Program Guide (
Relief Society Callings page ( Temple Open House Reservations ( Rights and Use Information for ( Safe Church Activities ( Channel with videos, live events, podcasts, and blog available online, mobile app, connected TV devices, and radio. (Formerly the Mormon Channel.) Salt Lake Temple ( Scripture section of ( Scripture Stories Videos ( Self-Reliance Services (, formerly Perpetual Education Fund For the Strength of Youth ( Sunday School ( Teaching, No Greater Call manual Temples ( Temples ( Temple Open House Reservations ( Gospel Topics ( Missionary Travel ( Video Library (
Welfare Operations Training ( Welfare Resources ( Welfare Fundamentals Training ( Youth Website ( Young Women (

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