LDS Mobile Apps From the Church

mobile-app-infographicBelow is a list of the mobile applications provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Find links to these apps at

  • Bible Videos.  The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos are available online at, but are no longer available as a separate app, but are included in the Gospel Library app in the Videos section. Learn about Jesus and His teachings, explore biblical environments, watch scripture-based videos and photo slideshows, and discover interesting facts about biblical accounts.
  • Book of Mormon. A free mobile app used to share a copy of the Book of Mormon with a friend. This is not the full-featured version of the scriptures available in the Gospel Library app. It is a simple digital version of the Book of Mormon without footnotes or cross-references. Contains text in 32 languages and inline streaming audio recordings in 5 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish).
  • Coat: A Story of Charity, The.  An interactive app for children based on the video “The Coat: A Story of Charity,” a story from the childhood of President Heber J. Grant that depicts a young boy giving selflessly to another child in need. Languages: English. Available for: iPad and Android tablets (but not smartphones)
  • FamilySearch Indexing. This mobile app was released in beta, but is no longer available. Learn more.
  • FamilySearch Memories. This app helps you collect, preserve, and share your favorite family memories. Record photos, video, and audio to capture events, heirlooms, pictures, and family history stories. You can tag people and events, and all this syncs to You can also make voice recordings and it will turn the audio into text. Use the app even without Internet access, then sync to when you are connected. Currently available for Apple iOS 7 and above for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is coming.
  • FamilySearch Tree. A mobile companion to It lets you view the details of your family trees from You can see connections and browse or add stories and photos. The app works even without Internet access, then syncs to when you have a connection.
  • Gospel for Kids. A mobile app for children that consolidates key features from the following apps that are no longer available: Sing Along Hymns, Scripture Stories, and LDS Coloring Book.
  • Gospel Library.  Download and study the scriptures, general conference addresses, Sunday manuals, and other Church content. The Gospel Library app allows you to search, bookmark, annotate, link, and highlight content. Available for most platforms. See
  • Gospel Living. Inspiring, engaging, fun, and relevant content for everyday life. It supports a Christ-centered life and helps you draw closer to the Savior. Discover and share music, videos, images, activity and goal ideas, and other inspiring content. Create personal goals, reminders, impressions and journal entries, and activities. Connect with classes, quorums, your household, and those you serve with through Circles. Supports the Children and Youth program. Also great for adults. Available for: AndroidApple iOS
  • Latter-day Saints Channel.  The Church’s 24-hour audio and video station featuring gospel-oriented programs, music, and interviews, as well as scriptures, general conference, and Church magazines. Languages: English. Available for: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, webOS.
  • Member Tools.  Download ward and stake directory information to your phone, as well as scheduled ward events from the Church’s new calendaring system. Languages: English. Available for: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry
  • Sacred Music. Browse, search, and play hymns and songs from the Church. Collections include Hymns, Children’s Songbook, youth music, music from Church magazines, and additional songs for children. You can view the words and sheet music and listen to hymns and songs. 20 languages. Available for: Apple iOS and Android.
  • Scripture Mastery.  This app has games and quizzes to help you memorize scripture mastery verses and the Articles of Faith. Languages: English. Available for: Apple iOS.
  • Tree of Life AR This app is an augmented reality experience for mobile devices. Take your own personal journey along the path to the tree of life from the Book of Mormon, whether at home or in the classroom. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Available for: Andriod and Apple iOS. Learn more.

Find links to these apps at

Android apps can be sideloaded onto Kindle Fire, Nook Color, Nook Tablet, or a generic Android tablet. See instructions for sideloading.

For more information about the official mobile apps provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, see

See an infographic of the LDS mobile apps available from the Church. Useful as a handout to help others become aware of the mobile apps.

Need LDS content for your e-reader? Go to the library of EPUB files of Church publications.

There are no current plans to update the current Church Blackberry apps (Gospel Library, Mormon Channel, or LDS tools) to work on Blackberry 10.

See a list of the official LDS Church websites.


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