Life’s Challenges

Living LDS 365 With Life’s Challenges

Visit the following pages to find resources and encouragement on how to live with life’s challenges 365 days a year.

General Resources About Life’s Challenges

  • Learning Through Life’s Trials by Larry Richman. Reviews the nature, origins, and purposes of adversity and includes suggestions on how to patiently trust in the Lord and His eternal plan and how to use these trials to learn and grow stronger. You can choose to see a trial as a roadblock or an expressway. If you see it as a roadblock, it will obstruct your way. However, if you see it as an expressway, you can use it to learn and grow. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the plan whereby we can become what God wants us to become. In fact, we become great people because of our trials, not in spite of them.
  • Life is a Test: Don’t Expect the Instructor to Solve all the Problems by Ted Gibbons. If the Instructor solved all our problems for us, what kind of a test would life be? Life’s tests help us grow and learn.
  • What Is Your Purpose Here? by Anne Hinton Pratt. Ideas on how to rise above dysfunction and unfair treatment and find your purpose in life.
  • Why It’s Ok to Have Problems by Marilynne Todd Linford. Problems and challenges are a fact of life. They teach us, refine us, and bring us closer to God.
  • The Lord’s Simple Solution to Life’s Most Difficult Problems by Ted Gibbons. Let us not be slothful because of “the easiness of the way” (Alma 37:46). The problems in life are often difficult and the distractions are intense, but the way is always easy to find, and regardless of the difficulty of the problems, the solutions are always simple. The key to this ease, this simplicity, lies in remembering the purpose of the test. And that purpose is to allow us to demonstrate that we will keep our covenants no matter what calamities may occur.

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