Two Latter-day Saints have created 90&9, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “help youth and young adults become mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy through the performing arts and uplifting media.” They produce full-scale productions and music, dance, and cirque workshops that empower teens to break through their walls and reach their full potential.

After training with a generational circus family, Darla Day knew aerial arts was what she was born to do. “I was like, I’m supposed to do that. So I trained with them in the backyard in this big white tent.” Though she found her passion, she felt broken and faced the difficult journey of self discovery and self worth. In the end, she found there was something more to her life and turned this beautiful art into a gift for others who struggle.

90&9 was started by Darla and her husband, songwriter Nik Day, to find those who have fallen to the floor and help them rise from the ashes and tell their story. They provide workshops, put on live shows with uplifting messages, create positive media about overcoming obstacles, and present assemblies at high schools.

Their new show, Fighter, is a cirque-style show with original pop music and rap narrations about a phoenix rising from the ashes. It features live singers, dancers, and circus performers. Fighter will debut August 8-10 in the Rose Wagner theater in Salt Lake City. Get tickets now.

“You may be bruised, but you’re not broken! You are a fighter.”

To get involved with this amazing non-profit and donate, go to


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