Many people face a variety of challenges. Parents, leaders, ministering brothers and sisters, and friends have the opportunity to provide help. As you minister to the needs of others, you can help them experience joy and fulfillment. As people seek solutions to their personal problems, they can find help and healing through Jesus Christ and His redeeming power.

In addition to the Life Help resources found in the Gospel Library, a section titled Counseling Resources gives specific guidance on how to counsel with others about temporal and spiritual needs, including difficult and sensitive issues.

Guiding Principles

Counseling Resources provides practical advice on how to help others, including these guiding principles:

  • Love first. All of God’s children are worthy of love and kindness. We may not understand a person’s individual experiences, but we can always show love.
  • Listen to understand. Be careful not to make assumptions about feelings or behavior. Ask questions and listen, then respond with interest and empathy. As you listen, you will nurture trust and gain understanding in how to minister.
  • Teach truth. True principles provide the foundation for faithful choices. As guided by the Spirit, lovingly teach those truths that will help the person stay on a path toward eternal joy.
  • Nourish faith. Faith is founded on trust in a loving Heavenly Father, on an understanding of Jesus Christ’s Atonement, on confidence in the Holy Ghost’s guidance, and on the assurance that God has a plan for each person’s eternal progression. Encourage individuals to nourish their personal faith through daily prayer and scripture study.
  • Minister. Acting in love, listening to understand, and seeking direction from the Spirit will provide a deeper understanding of the best way to lovingly minister to individual needs.

Counseling resources are available for the following topics:

How to Find Counseling Resources

Navigate to the counseling resources in the Gospel Library by selecting Handbooks and Callings, then Ward or Branch Callings, Bishopric, and then Counseling Resources.



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