In an interview with Leading Saints, Bennett and Becky Borden explain why they married in the temple after 20 years living in same-sex relationships.

Bennett and Becky Borden both experience same-sex attraction and were both in same-sex marriages and relationships for many years prior to returning to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and prior to their marriage to each other. Bennett and Becky both grew up in active LDS families.

In their early 20s, both Bennett and Becky came out as gay, left the Church and went on to live a gay life for many years. After many years away, they both decided separately that they wanted to come back to the Church. They met up at Becky’s family reunion and knew they should get married. They returned to church attendance, were married, and after time had their blessings restored and were sealed in the temple.

A lot can be learned from their amazing story, their relationships, their faith transition, their interactions with family and church leaders, and their spiritual experiences.

Listen to the interview and read the transcript at Leading Saints.

To learn more about how Latter-day Saints respond to same-sex attraction, attend the 2019 North Star conference March 15-16, 2019. Hear firsthand accounts from LGBT members of the Church about how they navigate the complex journey of reconciling faith with sexual orientation and gender identity.

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