As a bishop, I have worked with many individuals who have struggled for years to find a way out of their pornography addictions. In spite of strong desires to overcome it, and good amounts of prayer and scripture reading, many of them struggle to overcome their habits and addictions.

I have recently found two very helpful resources:

The Church sponsors pornography addiction recovery support groups. They are an LDS adaptation of traditional 12-step programs that have been used for years. LDS Family Services runs these groups to assist individuals who desire freedom from addiction and a better life through gospel fellowship. The 60-90-minute meetings are free and confidential. Experienced group leaders create a safe environment where participants can encourage one another and implement gospel principles in their efforts to recover and heal.

I also recently reviewed a program called Candeo, a confidential, online program to help individuals overcome pornography addictions. I was quite impressed. The program teaches how and why people get involved with pornography, and then become addicted to it. They explain why it is such a difficult thing to recover from once people get “hard-wired” to respond to life’s stresses by turning to pornography. They then help the individual to understand the destructive cycles, and reframe their attitudes through ways of facing the problem, replacing it with something better, and connecting with friends who can help. They teach you that consistent simple choices will set you free. They help you develop sacred views of sexuality and learn to have healthy outlets. The program has a structured way to help you debunk previous myths with statements of truth and document what you really want out of life and use that as your goal.

The program provides a successful recovery model developed by clinical therapists for more than a decade. The program costs $197 for 2 months and gives you access to a library of practical, interactive lessons and recovery tools, motivational support from a professional Candeo Coach, and access to a recovery support center. Candeo offers a free mini-course that explains some of the core principles taught in the program, including real training segments from it.

Here’s a list of LDS Resources in Overcoming Pornography.

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