The first batch of 13 new hymns for the new Church hymnbook, Hymns—for Home and Church, has now been published digitally in the Sacred Music app, the Gospel Library app, and in the online music library as part of a gradual advance release. They are published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, with other languages to follow.

The video below gives ideas to ward music people on how to introduce these new hymns to the congregation.

Some of the suggestions include the following:

  • Consider introducing the new hymns gradually—no more than one new hymn each week—to help your ward become more familiar with the music.
  • The accompanist could play the hymns as prelude music before sacrament meeting for multiple weeks.
  • The ward choir or a small musical group could introduce a new hymn to the congregation.

You can access the new music in the Church’s digital music channels. In the Gospel Library app, tap on the Music section, or start from the Sacred Music app or the Church music website instead. In any of these channels, you’ll find the new collection right next to the current hymnbook and Children’s Songbook.

Hymn numbering. The numbering for new hymns starts at 1001 and holiday music starts at 12001.

Printing sheet music. The Church provides sheet music and audio recordings of each new song, so members can learn the new lyrics and melodies at home. If needed, wards can even use the audio recordings in sacrament meeting to accompany congregational singing. Since the printed hymnbook will not be released until 2026, not every member will have access to the digital sheet music. Wards may provide members with printed copies of any new music as needed. You can easily print sheet music from the app by selecting a song, choosing either sheet music or the lyric view, and tapping print in the drop-down menu. To print from the Music website, download a PDF copy of the music to print offline.

New hymnbook. The new hymnbook will include many new hymns as well as hymns that members are familiar with. New hymns will be released every few months in batches of 10 to 15 songs at a time until the full hymnbook is complete in 2026 in four languages. Up to 50 total languages will be published by 2030. Watch the video below to learn more and read the article “A Glimpse Into World Report April 2024: A Portion of the New Hymnbook Is Coming in May.”




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