The Church has announced the schedule for the revision of the Church’s hymnbook and Children’s Songbook that was begun five years ago.

Hymns—for Home and Church will be a collection of 450–500 hymns and children’s songs. It will be available digitally and in print for individuals and families to use at home and at church. This means that Latter-day Saint congregations throughout the world will worship with the same consolidated and unified hymnbook, numbered the same across the languages most spoken in the Church.

The full printed book is anticipated by end of 2026 in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, with other languages to follow. Up to 50 total languages will be published by 2030. Many additional languages in which the Church is still being established will receive a smaller collection of approximately 60 hymns and children’s songs called Selected Hymns as soon as reasonably possible.

Early Release of New Songs

In the meantime, some new songs are planned to be released digitally in small digital batches starting in the first half of 2024. They can be used alongside hymns and songs in the Church’s current published hymnbook and songbook. These will include well-loved music of the Church composed after 1985 (such as “Faith in Every Footstep”), music borrowed from other faiths, and some of the 17,000 new songs submitted by members of the Church. Many, if not all, of these new songs will later be incorporated into Hymns—for Home and Church.

Learn more in the article “Sacred Hymnbook to Help Unite, Uplift Latter-day Saints of All Ages Worldwide.”



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