The Church has published a new resource to support those who have questions of faith. Church and Gospel Questions provides guiding principles to help individuals find answers and resolve questions about doctrine, history, and social issues:

  • Center Your Life on Jesus Christ
  • Be Patient with Yourself and with Others
  • Recognize That Revelation Is a Process
  • Consult Reliable Sources
  • Work to Understand the Past

The resource also provides guiding principles on how to help others who have questions or concerns about their faith. The following guiding principles will help them minister in love to those who have questions.

  • Respond with Love
  • Listen with Humility
  • Trust in the Lord
  • Nourish Your Own Faith
  • Assist Them throughout Their Journey

Questions of faith are difficult to work through, but they can bring people closer to the Savior.

The new resource Topics and Questions replaces the former Gospel Topics available in the Gospel Library app and online.



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