You can help someone in crisis by Asking, Caring, and Telling (ACT). A new Church video for parents, Church leaders, and individuals can help you better understand how to respond to and help someone who is having thoughts of suicide. Learn how in the video below, Suicide Prevention: How to Help Someone in Crisis.

The video is available in 39 languages and can be found in the Gospel Library app and online in the Church’s Life Help section under Suicide and How to Help.

Suicide Warning Signs

The warning signs of suicide and any threats to attempt suicide are serious, even if it seems like the individual is not seriously thinking about suicide or is just seeking attention. Learn more about suicide warning signs.

Preventing Suicide

1. Ask. To offer support, ask the person directly if they are thinking about suicide. If they answer that they are, ask if they have a plan to hurt themselves. If necessary, immediately help them get to the nearest emergency service provider and get on a crisis helpline.

2. Care. Care and listen to what the individual says. Give them time, and respect what they share. Consider offering to help create a suicide prevention safety plan.

3. Tell. Encourage the person to tell someone who can offer more support or seek further help.

Suicide Prevention Hotlines

In Crisis? Talk Now. These help lines are free and are staffed by people who are trained to help. You do not have to be suicidal to call and talk.

Suicide Statistics

Learn more about suicide and suicide statistics.


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