Few people enjoy public speaking, but with a little preparation and practice, you can do it. Speaking is an important way we help each other in the Church.


Here are a few key ideas about preparing a talk.

  • When you get the assignment to speak, start praying for help.
  • Think about your topic at different times, and write ideas that come to mind.
  • Set aside time to research your topic.
  • Think of a personal story to share that relates to your topic.
  • Write at least an outline of what you will say.


The Church offers many resources that can help you prepare a talk. Here are four key resources you may want to use.

  • Gospel Topics ( and in the Gospel Library app) is one of the best places to start. It contains hundreds of topics related to doctrine, policies, history, and practices of the Church. Each entry provides a well-written summary and links to scriptures, articles from Church magazines, and additional resources related to the topic.
  • Magazines ( lets you search articles from Church magazines (Liahona, For the Strength of Youth, and the Friend) for the information you need.
  • General Conference ( provides conference talks in text, audio, and video.
  • Scriptures ( provides the online text and audio of the scriptures and scripture study helps, such as the Bible Dictionary, Guide to the Scriptures, Joseph Smith Translation, and maps. The site lets you mark and save your favorite scriptures.


The more you practice, the easier it will be to speak when the time comes.

  • Practice your talk out loud to see if it’s the right length for the time you are assigned to speak.
  • If you are nervous, practice your talk in front of your family or friends.
  • Remember, that the people you will be speaking to are on your side. They love you and support you.

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