The Church has provided more information to help members prepare to receive the endowment and sealing ordinances, including brief explanations about the covenants Latter-day Saints make during the temple endowment.

Information in the General Handbook and on the Temples website can be helpful for those who are preparing to attend the temple for the first time.

General Handbook

Three of the new chapters released in December relate to temple and family history work. Chapter 27, “Temple Ordinances for the Living,” includes this counsel: “Temple covenants and ordinances are sacred. The symbols associated with temple covenants should not be discussed outside the temple. Nor should we discuss the holy information we promise in the temple not to reveal. However, we may discuss the basic purposes and doctrine of temple covenants and ordinances and the spiritual feelings we have in the temple.”

Section 27.2 gives specific information about the endowment as well as the five covenants we make during the endowment: living the law of obedience and striving to keep the commandments, obeying the law of sacrifice, obeying the law of the gospel of Jesus Christ, keeping the law of chastity, and keeping the law of consecration.

Temples Website

The updated Temples section of the Church website provides expanded information about temple ordinances, including the following sections:


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