The Church provides many resources to orient and train members who are called into leadership positions. Often, members don’t know about these resources.

Below is a list of key resources that members can use immediately after they are called (before they are sustained and set apart), during the first few months of their service as they learn to function effectively, and throughout their service as they continue to learn and improve.

Calling Instructions

The Callings section of the Church website and Gospel Library app provides specific instructions for major callings. This section explains what to do before leaders are sustained and after they are sustained and set apart. Quick-start guides help get leaders up-to-speed quickly, giving them an overview of what to focus on, who they work with, and what resources are available to them. You can find the Callings section in the following places:

  • Online at Click “Serve,” then “Callings,” then “Instruction for My Calling.”
  • Gospel Library app. Tap “Handbooks and Callings,” then choose “Ward or Branch Callings” or “Stake or District Callings.”

General Handbook

The General Handbook provides guidance for all Church organizations. You can access it as follows:

  • Online at Click “Serve,” then “Callings,” then “Handbooks and Callings, then “General Handbook.”
  • Gospel Library app. Tap “Handbooks and Callings,” then “General Handbook.”

Member and Leader Responsibilities Videos

Short video presentations for various callings. Also explains ways to adapt during periods when meetings and activities need to be adjusted for local circumstances. You can access these videos as follows:

  • Online at
  • Gospel Library app. Tap “Handbooks and Callings,” then “Member and Leader Responsibilities.”

Handout has prepared a handout that bishoprics and stake presidencies could print and have on hand to give to people as you call them to serve. Download a printable PDF version.Resources When Calling Members


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