Seminary requirements will change in January 2021 to align more with Come, Follow Me. Students will need to read 75% of calendar days to earn course credit.

Beginning January 2021:

  • Rather than following a 9-month study schedule for each seminary course, students will study the same course of study as Come, Follow Me for the entire calendar year. In 2021, the course of study will be the Doctrine and Covenants.
  • In order to get seminary course credit, students will need to read in that year’s book of scripture at least 75% of the semester calendar days.

How parents can support their children who are seminary students:

  • Help them establish a daily plan for studying the scriptures.
  • Ask them about their experiences in studying the scriptures.
  • Encourage them to track their daily progress. Students may use the Seminary and Institute app (Google or iOS). Watch this video tutorial (in English only) to see how to use the app to track reading.

Learn more in the article “Church Announces Changes for Seminary in 2021.”

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