The Church has published a transgender page in the Life Help section of the Church website. This resource provides a gospel context for understanding transgender individuals and is written in a helpful question-and-answer format. You can use this resource to gain hope or help for your own needs, or to support those you care about. The information gives context to the new transgender policies recently published in the new General Handbook.

The new transgender page is available online now, and will be in the Life Help section of the Gospel Library within a few days. Translations in Spanish and Portuguese are coming next month.

Life Help Section of

The resources in the Life Help section provide help on a variety of topics, such as adoption, education, abuse, disabilities, divorce, pornography, employment, suicide, physical health, same-sex attraction, transgender, finances, and emotional and mental health.

Resources on a number of topics are being moved to the Life Help section as part of a project to consolidate all Church websites into All the topics in the Life Help section will be updated and improved over time.

“The healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ—whether it removes our burdens or strengthens us to endure and live with them like the Apostle Paul—is available for every affliction in mortality” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, October 2006 general conference).


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