scripture-notes-logoAfter 20 years of working on a scripture study tool, Oak Norton has released a way to study the scriptures the way your brain works, and he’s looking for people to try it out and review it.

Scripture Notes is a most powerful scripture journaling note software. It lets you expand and deepen your study of the scriptures using the 2013 edition of the scriptures from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Take a look at it. It’s pretty amazing!

Watch the video “Introducing Scripture Notes” for a one-minute walk-through of the app.

Scripture Notes gives you a powerful way to study the scriptures by providing the following:

  • Powerful search options.
  • A meaningful way to link notes to verses and find them again.
  • Display your own footnotes or access the LDS footnotes while you’re reading the scriptures.
  • Various ways to save collections of verses and comment on them.
  • Powerful search capability on verses, your notes, footnotes, and collection notes.
  • Ability to print reports of verses with notes from different views (chapters, search results, collection notes).

It is one of the most powerful scripture study and journaling programs ever created. For beginners, they even provide introductory ​emails to teach you how to use the features and how to ​search the scriptures.

Here’s a “Quick look at Scripture Notes:”

And here is a video tutorial to help you better understand how it works:

This video shows how to set up a study topic in Scripture Notes using the scriptures on the armor of God as the basis for the example.

Journaling your thoughts as you study forces your brain to ask questions. It makes you think about a verse deeper, to really understand what the author (and the Spirit) wants you to know, and why they included the words they chose. It increases your insights as you make connections by asking questions and receiving answers ​in a whole new way.

The real power in the scriptures comes as we shift from reading, to studying, to searching for answers. Scripture Notes gives you ultimate flexibility to search and record the thoughts and revelation you receive as you create your own studies in the scriptures. ​And the things you record will always be there for you to rediscover and add to in the future.

​Try Scripture Notes for FREE.

Bonus: If you like the product and post a review on your blog this month, Oak Norton will give you a free year of use of the software. (It needs to be an actual blog article and not just a Facebook post or other Web 2.0 property.)

See a ​Comparison Table of Gospel Library vs. Scripture Notes.


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