video-talking-sexual abuseIn this Church video “His Grace: Talking About Sexual Abuse,” Ally shares how her spirit broke when a trusted friend molested her. She couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone—mostly because she didn’t want to believe it happened.

It can be really hard to talk about being sexually abused. But it’s something that needs to be discussed. It’s more detrimental when it’s kept inside.

Feeling scared and ashamed, Ally left her journal open in her room, hoping her mom would read it and know she needed help. Fortunately, a month later, a nurse talked to Ally about her emotional health and referred her to a therapist.

During therapy, Ally realized being sexually abused wasn’t her fault, and she was encouraged to share what happened. As she talked with family and friends, she felt a burst of hope and healing. And she felt God’s unending love for her.

Everyone has trials in life. And it’s OK if we feel a little bit broken, because we have one another. And most importantly, we have Jesus Christ—His love never ends.

If you’ve been sexually abused, what has helped you the most? Where have you found support?

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