The Church continues to make progress on the renaming of its websites. has now been converted to its new domain, is now, and the is now

For information about other Church resources that have been renamed, see “Updates to Names of Church Resources.”

Quick History of was launched February 14, 1996 and retired June 3, 2019. Below are screen shots from the past 23 years.

The first image below shows what it looked like on February 14, 1996 when the domain was activated with an “under construction” page. This was the first step in establishing an online presence for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The images after that show how evolved over the years., February 14, 1996, February 1996, March 1998, April 1999, May 1999, June 1999, July 7, 2000, January 30, 2007, February 14, 2012, June 2, 2019

For more history of, see “The History of Shows God’s Hand – Part 1 of 2.”

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