The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published a new website to help people who have been victims of abuse and to help Church leaders minister to them and their families. This new resource is found at

The new website provides guidance and resources to help:

  • Victims of abuse find hope, help, and healing.
  • Family members, leaders, and friends recognize abuse and know what to do to get help for victims.
  • Parents talk to their children about abuse.

Additional counseling and ministering helps for leaders and ward council members can be found at

Abuse is the mistreatment or neglect of others (such as child or spouse, the elderly, or the disabled) in a way that causes physical, emotional, or sexual harm. The Church holds the position that abuse cannot be tolerated in any form.

Please share these resources with others. It is also important to learn about other trusted local resources for help in a crisis and for long-term support.

Learn more in the article “New Church Website Provides Hope and Healing for Victims of Abuse.”

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