As part of ongoing efforts to help Latter-day Saints “learn doctrine, strengthen faith, and foster greater personal worship,” President Russell M. Nelson announced adjustments to help balance and connect the unique and essential ways members worship and learn and live the Savior’s gospel both at church and at home.

balance-quoteChurch leaders have announced changes to the Sunday meeting schedule, beginning in January 2019, in connection with the release of a new home-centered, Church-supported curriculum. These changes and others build upon several prior initiatives the Church has set in motion in recent years, meant to help members focus their lives more fully on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and deepen faith in Them. These initiatives include a focus on more meaningful study of the gospel at home, honoring the Lord by keeping the Sabbath day holy, and caring for one another as the Savior would and as directed by the Spirit.

Read the Church News article “Changes Help Balance Gospel Instruction at Home and at Church” to learn more about adjustments at home and at church beginning January 2019. The article also explains changes in curriculum.

Read the First Presidency announcement letter, with 5 pages of frequently asked questions.

Also, watch the video “Church Announces New Balance between Gospel Instruction in the Home and Church 825 views” with excerpts from the announcements at general conference.

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