The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched a new Addressing Pornography website that offers a more helpful and hopeful approach for people wanting protection, help, and healing from pornography use.—which replaces—represents a new way of talking about pornography and addresses the particular needs of parents and spouses of pornography users.

The site provides answers to specific questions about how to protect against, respond to, and heal from pornography for the following:

  • Individuals who have developed pornography habits they wish to overcome. Resources answer questions like “Why do I feel so bad about myself?” “Why does this keep happening?” and “Where can I turn for help?”
  • Spouses of pornography users who have just found out about their spouse’s addiction, or are trying to move forward and heal. Questions they can find answers to include “How can I best help my spouse?” and “Will the pain and suffering ever end?”
  • Parents who wish to help their children prepare for inadvertent exposures to pornography, handle early experiences with pornography, or recover from compulsive use.
  • Leaders who need guidance and support to better minister to individuals, spouses, parents, and youth impacted by pornography who are in their care.

Learn more in the article “New Addressing Pornography Website Offers Answers, Hope, Healing.”

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