From the entire article “You Don’t Have to Leave Social media—And Here’s Why.”

We love the discussion happening about social media. It’s addicting. Consuming. Numbing. Our behaviors have reached almost a “compulsive” level. But something doesn’t feel right to me when we say the answer is to delete it. ADULTS: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE SOCIAL MEDIA.

And here’s why:

Social media isn’t going away. It’s not a fad or an epidemic that will pass. It’s part of everyday modern life, and besides the social connections, it’s how I get a lot of my information—what’s going on in my community, school, ward, and world. Yes, it comes with some risks—low self-esteem, covetousness, insecurity, comparisons. But these risks are present in EVERY type of relationship. Especially relationships that are unhealthy. And I’m sure many of us would say our current relationship with social media is unhealthy.

Does that mean we have to eliminate it all together? Do we need to become the new “old” generation who are out of touch because it was too hard to figure out? No. The answer is MODERATION.

Here are some ideas:

Limit Your Time

Do you only want to spend 20 minutes a day on Instagram? Or check Facebook only on Thursday mornings? There are several screen management apps available for adults that help you track your online habits and allow you to set daily time limits…

Read the entire article “You Don’t Have to Leave Social media—And Here’s Why.”

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