The Church website Suicide Prevention and Ministering ( has been updated with additional resources to help leaders and members prevent suicide and to help leaders minister to individuals and their families impacted by suicide.

The updated website has helpful resources in three categories (1) for those struggling with thoughts of suicide, (2) for those who want to help, and (3) for those who have lost a loved one. suicide-site-sections

Additional Resources

  • Counseling and ministering helps for leaders and ward council members can be found at
  • Magazine articles about suicide and depression appeared in the September 2017 issues of the Ensign, Liahona, and New Era.
  • Additional information for LGBT individuals, who may be at greater risk of suicide, and their families can be found at in the Understanding section. Leaders should be especially mindful of extending love and support to these members of their congregations.

Leaders should consider appropriate ways to ensure that members are aware of these resources. Members and leaders are encouraged to learn about and use trusted local resources to take advantage of formal suicide prevention training and to support community initiatives to prevent suicide.

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