This article describes how to download video, audio, and music from the LDS general conference page at conference.lds.org (or gc.lds.org for short).

In addition to the ways to download described in this article, you can access video, audio, and music from the following:


Circled above is the menu to click for options related to a conference session.

From the Conference Page


This is the menu that appears when you click the session menu (the icon with 3 dots).

Videos of each session are posted at conference.lds.org immediately after each session ends. Separate video and audio files of each talk and musical number are created and posted over the next 24 hours.

To access the video or audio of a session, click the session menu (the icon with 3 dots to the right of the name of the session). You will then see options to listen to the audio, watch the video, download an audio file for the entire session, download separate audio files for each talk and musical number, or download a small, medium, or large video file.

From and Individual Talk Page


This is the page for an individual talk. Click the icons under the heading to play audio, download audio and video, print a copy of the page, or share the page.

Once the text of the talks is posted (the Tuesday following the conference session), the titles of each talk will appear on the conference page. You can click any title to go to a page for each talk.

On the page for an individual talk, you’ll see four icons under the title to do the following:

  1. Listen to the audio. (A control bar will appear at the top of the screen to play, pause, or more forward or backward.)
  2. Download (the icon is a down arrow in a circle) an MP3 audio file or a small, medium, or large video file.
  3. Print a formatted version of the page.
  4. Share a link to this page on Twitter, Facebook, or by email.


ldsconf-musicFor music, go to the bottom of the general conference page to see the following options:

  1. All conferences. This will take you to an index of the music from all general conferences back to 1998. On that page, you can (1) play individual selections, (2) click the download icon to the right of each selection to download an audio MP3 file, or (3) use the controls at the top of the page to play all the selections one after another. You can also access this page directly at gcmusic.lds.org.
  2. Audio of the current conference (available 24 hours after conference). This will take you to an index of the music from the current general conference with the same options as listed above.
  3. Watch. This will take you to the General Conference YouTube channel, where you can watch a video of entire sessions, including the musical numbers and the talks.

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