hope-help-lds-orgDid you know that LDS.org has a section HopeandHelp.lds.org that provides a number of topic pages to support you or those you love in dealing with challenges of life?

Life brings many challenges for every member of the human family. Some challenges are the result of unwise choices that all of us make from time to time. Other challenges may have nothing to do with our choices at all but are the result of others’ actions. And sometimes our situation is not a result of choices but is simply a part of the experience of life. But in every circumstance, hope and peace can be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the infinite Atonement of Christ, who understands our burdens.

Use these topic pages whenever you feel burdened, to gain hope or help for your needs, or to support those you care about. Below is a list of the topics currently on the page. They will be enhanced over time and others will be added:

Please share these resources with those who could use them. Below are some memes you could share on social media with a note about the HopeandHelp.lds.org section.

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