Last week, the Church added a new video and story to the MormonAndGay.lds.org website. It is the story of Becky and Scott Mackintosh and their gay son Xian. Today, the Church published a blog post written by Becky titled “Navigating Differences in Family with Love and Trust,” which further explains how her family lives together and loves each other in spite of differences.

In her blog post, Becky describes a Sunday at church:

“As I sat in my church pew with one arm around my unwed, pregnant daughter and my other arm around my gay son who was sitting next to his boyfriend, my effort to hold back the tears failed. My children were with me at church and they had come on their own accord. These tears trickling down my face were tears of joy.”

She explains how her ward had always shown kindness to her daughter “who did not fit the ‘Mormon mold,’ with her nose ring, gauges and now expecting a baby. Would they extend that same Christlike love towards my gay son?”

Becky explains that she has learned that “even when we disagree, we can still be respectful of our differences and find plenty to love in one another.”

“As I went on a quest for answers, I discovered many answers aren’t neatly packaged in a Sunday school lesson. I had to dig and turn to the Lord and what I discovered is that no one cares more than my Heavenly Father.”

Read the blog post “Navigating Differences in Family with Love and Trust.”

A Spanish translation of it has been made by a member.


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