Last October, the Church updated its official resources on same-sex attraction, including the website (in English only) and the entry on Same-Sex Attraction in Gospel Topics (in 10 languages).

To make this important information available in more languages, the following documents have been translated into 38 languages:

  1. Same-Sex Attraction” entry from Gospel Topics.
  2. “Church Teachings,” a 4-page document from the “Church Teachings” section of
  3. “Frequently Asked Questions,” a 2-page document from the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of
  4. The notice sent to ward and stake leaders on October 25, 2016.

Links to each of these translated documents can be found at the bottom of the page of resources for same-sex attraction that I maintain on this site (see the link to it in the right sidebar on this site).

Learn more about these updates in the article “LDS Church Updates Resources About Same-Sex Attraction.”

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