spirit-games-mormon-yankees60 years ago, in the far away land of Australia, the incredible true story of the Mormon Yankees was born. And now, this timeless, uplifting story about sport, spirit, and faith comes to the big screen. The opening night in Utah is October 7. It opens in Arizona and Idaho on October 14, and will expand to more cities across the USA and in Australia in the weeks that follow.

The Mormon Yankees made worldwide history in 1956 when they took on the task of helping the struggling Australian basketball team prepare for the Olympic games. In doing so, this small group of LDS missionary athletes unified an entire nation that was still reeling from the aftermath of World War II.

I attended a pre-release screening of the movie and found it to be engaging and uplifting. It will have you cheering in your seat. Whether you’re LDS or not, Australian or Yankee, the faith and sportsmanship of the Mormon Yankees will inspire you.

If you want to keep seeing quality, faith-based family entertainment like this in theaters, you have to turn out strong opening weekend! This is how we tell the theaters we want clean, wholesome family movies. When you share this with your friends on social media, please use the hashtag #MormonYankees.

Watch the trailer for Spirit of the Game:

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The Mormon Yankees were “the greatest thing that could happen to Australian basketball,” wrote newspaper writer Gunars Esins Berzzarins.

Here is another sneak peek clip from the movie:

Below is a photo of the Mormon Yankees circa 1956—the basketball team whose faith and sportsmanship inspired an entire nation! Many of the original Mormon Yankees players will attend the movie premiere in Utah.




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