The LDS Church has just updated the entry on “Suicide” in the Gospel Topics on LDS.org. The timing coincides with the national suicide prevention awareness month in September.

The Gospel Topic states, “Most people who have thought about suicide do not want to die; they simply want to find relief from the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain they are going through.”

Suicide is a serious problem in our homes, schools, churches, and communities. The gospel topic continues, “Suicide is a global public health issue that can often be prevented. While it is a complex situation with no single cause, the risks can be reduced when family, friends, ward members, and mental health professionals come together to help those who are struggling. Everyone can play a role in suicide prevention and should learn the risk factors and warning signs. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please reach out and talk to someone who can provide the right help.”

Please share this information with your family and friends and actively support individuals who are affected by suicide. When you share, you may want to use the hashtags #SuicidePrevention, #SuicideAwareness, #itsokaytotalk, or #ChoosingToLive.

This updated page on suicide is part of an ongoing effort to update the entire section of Gospel Topics (topics.lds.org). Topic pages are being updated one-by-one as part of a long-term effort to provide more doctrinal and Church history resources, inspiring media, and practical support tools. Over time, the Church will add more subjects and make the entire learning experience more consistent, informative, and interactive. Learn more about the Gospel Topics upgrade project.

About Gospel Topics

The Gospel Topics section of LDS.org (topics.lds.org) provides a rich experience for individual and family gospel study. It is a place to find quick information about gospel questions. It’s also one of the best resources for studying the gospel by topic or for preparing a talk or lesson.

The Gospel Topics section is a collection of doctrinal subjects, history, and other information about people, places, teachings, and beliefs relating to the Church and the gospel. Each topic contains an overview of the principle, as well as links to scriptures, conference talks, magazine articles, videos, and Church websites.

Read the article “Answering Gospel Questions” for suggestions and resources for studying the gospel more effectively.


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