ensign-home-pageThe home pages of each of the four Church magazines have summaries of the content from the current month’s issue of each magazine. These summaries and other resources are updated often to reflect the messages in the most current magazine issues.

At the top of the each of these four home pages is a large section that features General Authority messages and other key content from that issue of the magazine. Some of these are carousels with rotating content. (You can click to different items in the carousel by clicking the white and blue dots in the bottom center of the carousel.)

featureBelow that, are other featured articles from the magazine. Click on a featured link to find an easy-to-read summary of an article in the current issue of the magazine.

  • The Ensign home page has a section “From Our Readers” that includes experiences of how reading the Ensign has blessed people worldwide. Each month, a new experience or testimony is shown.
  • The New Era home page has a section of “Sunday Lesson Helps” for youth leaders.
  • The Friend home page features videos and activities for children.
  • The Liahona home page helps you quickly find content appropriate for adults, youth, and children.

I think you’ll find these magazine home pages to be a helpful way to zero in on key content from each month’s magazine.

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