Here are three videos a member has created about the new Provo City Center Temple, which has some unique and interesting characteristics.

The  video “Architectural details of the Provo City Center Temple” shows some of the intricate, unique architectural details of this remarkable temple.

The video “Provo City Center Temple (1 of 2)” is a video tour of the renovated interior of the Provo City Center Utah Temple. The original Provo Tabernacle was dedicated in 1898. It stood for over 100 years until an accidental fire ravaged the building on December 17, 2010. After five years of construction and extensive renovation, the shell of the beautiful Tabernacle was rebuilt into the second LDS temple in Provo, Utah.

The video “Provo City Center Temple (2 of 2)“s part two.

The Provo City Center Temple is open to the public from January 15 through March 5, 2016. Reservations to tour the temple can be made online or by calling 855-537-2000. Learn more in the article “Video: Provo City Center Temple Completed.”

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