12stepstochange-imageAddiction is real. So is recovery.

It’s time for a conversation about the reality of addiction and the power of recovery. “12 Steps to Change” is a 12-part video series that follows real people fighting to overcome addictions of all kinds. Experience their stories of hope as they take the steps they need to change their lives.

Beginning September 1, the video series “12 Steps to Change” begins on the Mormon Channel. (See Mormonchannel.org/12steps.) Each day from September 1-12, we will share one more step in the 12-step process of recognizing and overcoming addictions, whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, or any other addictive behavior.

12stepstochange-video-trailer-ldsHelp is available by using these 12 steps and participating in the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program (see AddictionRecovery.lds.org).

Watch this video introduction to the “12 Steps to Change” series.

Check back every day from September 1-12, to learn about the next step. And join the conversation using the hashtag #12StepsToChange. Share your experiences, frustrations, and most importantly, hope. See all the articles about the 12 steps.

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