answers-to-common-questionsThe article “Answers to Common Questions” in the March issue of the New Era gives nice, simple answers to the following common questions about the Church:

  • Why do you have other scriptures? Isn’t the Bible enough?
  • Mormon men have lots of wives, right?
  • Why are Mormons against gay people?
  • Are you really Christians or more like a cult?
  • Why does it matter what church you belong to? Doesn’t God love everyone?
  • Doesn’t scientific evidence prove that the Book of Mormon couldn’t possibly be true?
  • What happens in your temples, and why are you so secretive about it?
  • Why does your church send out young men and women to be missionaries?
  • Why don’t you believe in having sexual relationships until you’re married?
  • Do you all just blindly obey whatever you’re told?
  • How can you be sure what you believe is true?

I recommend you read the article to be more prepared when people ask you questions about the Church.

For answers to other common questions, go to and

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