young-man-with-backpack_1264827_inlCollecting or viewing pornography is akin to keeping a rattlesnake in your backpack.

We live in a day when the scourge of pornography is sweeping across the world. It is hard to escape it.

“To indulge in pornography leads to difficulties, divorce, disease, and troubles of a dozen kinds. There is no part of it that is innocent. To collect it, view it, or carry it around in any form is akin to keeping a rattlesnake in your backpack. It exposes you to the inevitable spiritual equivalent of the serpent’s strike with its injection of deadly venom. One can easily understand, with the world being what it is, that you can almost innocently be exposed to it, to read it, or to view it without realizing the terrible consequences. If that describes you, I warn you to stop it. Stop it now!” (Boyd K. Packer, “Truths Most Worth Knowing,” New Era, August 2014).

Girls-pornographyIt is normal to think that pornography is mostly a problem with men. But is it increasingly becoming a problem for women and girls.

  • 52% of girls today are exposed to sexually explicit material by the age of 14.
  • About 1 in 5 women (18%) use the Internet for sexual purposes habitually—every week.

Many women feel awkward or alienated because they feel there is no support for them specifically and may not seek the help they need.

Here is a list of articles, videos, and webinars specifically for women from Covenant Eyes.

CovenantEyes.com is a Christian-based program to help your family stay clear of pornography. The strength of the program is that it combines filtering with a system of accountability. This program helps families escape the temptation by removing the secrecy of the Internet. Accountability software monitors and reports all Web activity to an Accountability Partner you choose.


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