gps-geolocationWhat Is Geographic Location?

Geolocation, for short, is the longitude and latitude location of an object somewhere in the world. Using global positioning satellites (GPS), you can get the location of an object  and also tell its elevation and velocity.

You’ve used geolocation if you have ever used Google maps, LDS maps, or a navigation system in your car. Geolocation makes it possible to define your current location, a desired location, and get directions to get there.

What Is Digital Mapping Technology?

Today, many people have a smartphone or portable GPS system that has maps for every square mile of most countries on the planet. Some companies, like Google (see have spent years digitizing, indexing, tagging (using geolocation), and using satellite imagery to create a digital map of the earth. These digital maps can give you a view from as high up as a continent, all the way down to your own home—so close you can see your car in the driveway.

How Is the Church Using Geographic Location and Digital Mapping?

For updated information about Church maps, see “Maps for Stakes, Wards, Temples, FamilySearch Centers, Missions, Employment Resource Centers, Visitors’ Centers, Deseret Industries.”

LDS Maps ( is the Church’s maps website. It is a powerful tool to help you find the locations of Church properties such as meetinghouses, temples, visitors’ centers, and employment and FamilySearch centers. You can even see mission boundaries. When you log in, you can even see your ward and stake boundaries as well as the location of the homes in your  ward.

The Bible Videos app for iPad is another great example of using digital mapping technology. Using graphic overlays and animations, you can see biblical locations on a three-dimensional map. It provides a rich, interactive experience where you can navigate 3D models of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Sychar to explore scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. When you select the city, the app zooms in and shows information and videos from the city. Watch a video tour of the Bible Videos mobile app.

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