provo-city-center-lds-templeIf you want to follow the construction of the Provo City Center LDS Temple, there is a  “construction cam” that lets you see the hourly progress.

You can see live shots or jump around the calendar to see progress on different days since the end of January. While there, click the interesting Time-Lapse Movie.

Currently, the camera shows the temple shell being raised by stilts. The roof and interior walls of the old tabernacle are gone, the bricks supported by concrete.

If you want to see what the finished temple and grounds will look like, see Brian Olson’s 3-D video model. You’ll see the fountain, a forest of trees, a maze of sidewalks, and very little surface parking, creating a miniature Salt Lake Temple Square in Provo’s downtown district.

In converting the old Provo Tabernacle into a temple, the Church has taken great care to preserve the historical significance of the building and its grounds. Last year, student crews from Brigham Young University’s Office of Public Archaeology unearthed an early baptistry from the 1880s to 1910. In addition to the baptistry and tabernacle, the site also housed the foundations of an early meeting house and a caretaker’s cottage.

Here’s a video that explains the engineering feat of putting the tabernacle on ‘stilts.’

Read more in the articles “Provo City Center Temple a feat of engineering, hard work and faith” and “VIDEO: Engineering Feat Puts Future Provo City Center Temple on ‘Stilts’.”

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