magazine-gift-subscription-ensign“The good spirit in [Church] magazines will help fill your homes with warmth, love, and the strength of the gospel.” (Elder L. Tom Perry, “The Importance of the Family,” Liahona, May 2003, 42).

“Church magazines are an important segment of the authoritative voice of the Church through which prophetic counsel from the Lord is made available to all of our Father’s children of all ages on matters pertinent in today’s world,” said Elder Craig A. Cardon. “Each month, interesting and engaging articles address circumstances common to all people throughout the earth, whether in or out of the Church. All earnest seekers of truth are greatly benefited by the inspired teachings and guidance found therein.” (“Members Invited to Share the Gospel through Magazine Subscriptions,” Liahona, Dec. 2012, 74)

If every subscriber of the Church magazines were to send a gift subscription to a nonmember friend or relative, nearly 1.7 million new subscribers would be brought into a friendly, monthly contact with the Church.

Go to, where you can quickly and easily gift a subscription of the magazines to a family member or friend.

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