The Church has just launched an impressive Christmas initiative online at that centers on the reason for the season—Jesus Christ. And you are  invited to help spread the message.

The initiative is intended to help people understand that Mormons are Christian. The messages emphasize a Christmas season centered on the Savior, family, love, service, and worship, and refer people to, where they can learn more about the Church and the gospel. Below are images from the website.

Please help spread the message by joining in conversations about the Church and using social media to share the resources offered on the site. Invite people to go to and download free Christmas music from the Tabernacle Choir, request a free Bible, download the Bible Videos app for Android and Apple iOS, chat with a member, or request a missionary visit.

The Christmas initiative also includes extensive advertising in Manhattan, New York, with interactive and static billboards, advertising on buses and on the Internet, and even taxicab toppers. Below is a billboard in Times Square.


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