This article is one in a series of articles about explaining our Mormon beliefs to our friends. See other articles in this series.

The October 2012 issue of the Ensign and English Liahona was shipped with a supplement that can help you in your efforts to share the gospel with your friends. It highlights and contains samples of three new pass-along cards that you can detach and hand out.

You can see the supplement which appears as the last 6 pages of the PDF of the October Ensign and English Liahona magazines. If you can’t download this large PDF with the entire magazine, below are images (click them to see larger versions) of the 6 pages of the supplement.

There are 4 unique pass-along cards. On the back of each card is a QR (quick-response) code that, when scanned with a barcode application on a smartphone, takes you directly to specific topics on Below are images of the front and back of each of the 4 cards.

Over the last several years, Church leaders have increasingly promoted using the Internet and other new media for missionary work and other righteous purposes.

The supplement encourages sharing the gospel through, which is now available in 20 languages, and its related social media pages on FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Google+. On, you can create a profile and write your testimony and your beliefs about fundamental gospel issues for others to view.


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