For updated information about Church maps, see “Maps for Stakes, Wards, Temples, FamilySearch Centers, Missions, Employment Resource Centers, Visitors’ Centers, Deseret Industries.”

LDS Maps ( or go to, click Tools, then Maps) has been updated with a variety of new features to make it easier to find stake members, meetinghouses, temples, and other Church facilities. Some of the new features include a number of map display options, better iPad and tablet support, unit boundary maps, the Locate Me feature, and improved print options. You can view and print driving directions and share map links through social media. LDS Maps replaces the old Meetinghouse Locator.

Here are two great new features you should look at:

Ward/Stake Map

After you sign in with your LDS Account, click View Your Ward and you will  see a map of the members of your ward. The sidebar will show a list of member names. In addition to looking up where members live, you could use it for

  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Dividing up the ward for distributing fliers
  • Planning routes for collecting fast offerings
  • Home and visiting teaching
  • Missionary work
  • Realignment of ward boundaries in the stake

Find Other Church Buildings

In the upper right, click the Layers icon to search for temples, visitors’ centers, historical places, tabernacles, institutes, seminaries, bishops’ storehouses, canneries, home storage centers, Deseret Industries, Employment Resource Centers, and LDS Family Services offices.

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