The Church has just launched a new LDS Media Library, an online resource available for members to download and use high-quality video, audio, and images to help share the gospel.

Editor’s Note (29 April 2019): The “LDS Media Library” on the Church website has been renamed “Gospel Media.”

You can reach the site from the menu by clicking Media Library under the heading Study, or by going directly to

This first release of the LDS Media Library includes just the video portion, including 700 videos for online streaming and downloading. Future releases will include audio and images.

  • Browse through videos in 24 different categories. Read guidelines on how you can download and use these videos.
  • You can contribute your photography to help build the online gallery. Your photos may be used in Church magazines, brochures, posters, blogs, videos, websites, and members’ blogs, lessons, and other media.
  • You can submit your photos now through, a Church website that helps you take part in a variety of service opportunities.
  • The Media Library includes information about accessing Church media on mobile devices, Internet TV, podcasts, RSS feeds, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, audiobooks, e-books, and live online broadcasts.
  • There is also a section about using media in the home, for lessons, and in sharing the Gospel.

The theme of the site is “Learn, Share, Create:”

  • Learn—Incredible resources to learn more about the Savior and His Gospel.
  • Share—Give others the chance to hear about the restored Gospel by e-mailing a link to a friend, embedding inspiring videos in a blog, or sharing a brief message with a neighbor. You can also use this media at home or in Sunday lessons.
  • Create—Contribute to the Church by expressing your testimony in various media formats or participating in a video or photo contest to proclaim the gospel and share your talents.

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