As a parent, you face unprecedented hurdles today and a big one is the Internet. Did you know that 93% of boys and 62% of girls have been exposed to Internet pornography before the age of 18?

You may be thinking, “That’s not my child!” Unfortunately, many of the precautions parents put in place aren’t enough to block all exposure to pornography. Even if you’re protecting your child, the statistics show that their friends are being exposed to inappropriate content online.

Covenant Eyes has prepared a free book that will walk you through common Internet dangers and give you tips and tools to protect your children online. It includes topics such as cyberbullying, gaming, internet pornography, anonymizers, online predators, sexting, social networks, YouTube, and seven habits of online integrity. Download your free copy of Parenting the Internet Generation: 7 Potential Threats and 7 Habits for Internet Safety.

You will also find a wealth of helpful articles on their blog, Breaking Free, and in their magazine, PureMinds Online.

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