ldsconfOver the last few years, Twitter users have used the subject tag #ldsconf when tweeting information about LDS General Conference. In Twitter language, these subject tags are called hashtags. (Learn more about the #ldsconf hashtag.)

Joel Dehlin’s Weblog provides the following statistics about the use of the #ldsconf tag for last weekend’s General Conference.

  • The conversation using #ldsconf was ranked as high as #2 on Twitter in the US.
  • There were 24,600+ individual tweets, made by over 2,000 different Twitter users.
  • 1,123,500+ Reach (Total # of Twitter Users who follow those Tweeting).
  • Top Cities outside Utah that participated in the conversation in the US are the Washington DC Area, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Houston, Sacramento, Orlando, and Los Angeles.
  • Top Countries outside US that participated in the conversation are Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Chile, UK, and Guatemala.
  • The most discussed session was Sunday Morning with more than 6100 tweets.
  • Morning Sessions appeared to be a popular time to discuss.

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