gospel-topics-ldsorgThe Church is upgrading the Gospel Topics section of LDS.org (topics.lds.org) to provide an enriched experience for personal and family gospel study.

In addition to a new landing page, the site has upgraded search capabilities, which now include distinct sites like the Joseph Smith Papers.

Individual topic pages are also being upgraded one-by-one as part of a long-term effort to provide more doctrinal and Church history resources, inspiring media, and practical support tools. Over time, the Church will add more subjects and make the entire learning experience more consistent, informative, and interactive.

Read the new page “Answering Gospel Questions” for suggestions and resources for studying the gospel more effectively.

Gospel Topics is a great place to find quick information about gospel questions. It’s also one of the best resources for studying the gospel by topic or for preparing a talk or lesson.

The Gospel Topics section is a collection of doctrinal subjects, history, and other information about people, places, teachings, and beliefs relating to the Church and the gospel. Each topic contains an overview of the principle, as well as links to scriptures, conference talks, magazine articles, videos, and Church websites.

The Gospel Topics section of LDS.org began back in 2006 with the text from the small book True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference. Over the years, a few topics have been expanded. Now, this new effort will routinely add new topics and expand existing topics.

The topics pages are a piece of a major effort to enhance learning and teaching in the Church, including improved curriculum and digital resources. Those initiatives began this year with the launch of the new youth curriculum Come, Follow Me that pushed study and lesson planning to LDS.org and the Gospel Library mobile app. Similar enhancements will be made to curriculum for adults and children, as well as continued improvements to LDS.org. The desired result is that individuals and families take more initiative for their own learning, with Sunday instruction taking a supplemental role.

You can reach the Gospel Topics section of LDS.org by clicking the menu Teachings, then Gospel Topics, or just entering the URL topics.ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

The video below explains how the Gospel Topics section will be enhanced:

The video below explains why the Gospel Topics section is important and how it can help you:

The video below explains how to understand historical events:

In addition to the Gospel Topics section of LDS.org, you may find the following references helpful:

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