jesusbaptismNote: The Gospel Art Picture Kit has now been replaced by the Gospel Art Book available online and in print. Learn more about the Gospel Art Book.

You can still find the images from the Gospel Art Picture Kit online. The pictures are organized by category. Click on the picture or search a picture subject, or type the picture number. Below is an example of how the picture will display. You can then choose to download it in multiple resolutions (for mobile, tablet, print, or wallpaper). 

The Gospel Art Picture Kit is a great resource for family home evening lessons, primary talks and many other gospel teaching and scripture story telling moments.  The online Gospel Art Picture Kit can be found in the Family Home Evening section of the Home & Family section of  A hard copy of the kit can be purchased through the Church Distribution Center Web site, (the boxed Gospel Art Picture Kit is only $30).  The boxed kit contained 160 pictures, and most of them are also available to view and print for free from the Web site.  The Web site has a link to the Gospel Art Picture Kit as well as links to many other Church-related image libraries. You can also google “Gospel Art Picture Kit”;  the first result is for the online kit and the second result is the link to purchase the actual kit.

gospelartimagebycatRebecca Lyn Casper, a project coordinator interning in the Church Audio/Visual department, recently did an analysis of the pictures in the online gospel art kit. She found that the New Testament pictures are the most popular, comprising 36% of the total views of gospel art pictures.  The most popular of the all the pictures was “John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus” with over 23,000 page views during the year 2008.  Below is a chart of the top 10 most popular pictures in the gospel art kit.

Though Larry Richman blogged about pictures on Church Web sites a couple of years ago, it was only recently that I learned that the Gospel Art Picture Kit was available online, and only today did I learn about I wonder how many of you were aware of these resources? And if you have used them, what could we at the Church do to improve them? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Most Popular Items in the Gospel Art Picture Kit in 2008
Picture Name Page Views
208 John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus 23,670
240 Jesus the Christ 22,638
239 The Resurrected Jesus Christ 18,753
201 The Nativity 16,543
227 Jesus Praying in Gethsemane 16,323
403 The First Vision 15,916
216 Christ and the Children 13,502
238 The Second Coming 12,973
608 Christ and Children from around the World 12,192
212 Sermon on the Mount 11,144

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